Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)

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Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)

One of the main goals of the current curriculum reform in Hong Kong is to help students acquire a capacity for life-long learning. To pursue such an aim and to help students explore and discover the joys and treasures of reading, the College has launched a school-wide reading project - DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) - since 2002. We believe that regular reading sessions can help enhance our students’ overall language skills.


The DEAR lesson takes place in every period 1 of Tuesday, during which most of the teachers and students will spend 30 minutes on silent reading. They are encouraged to read books of their own choices and share their reading experiences with classmates during sharing sessions.


Other Theme-based Reading Programmes


Apart from the DEAR lesson, in the 2021/22 academic year, theme-based programmes such as book fairs, games and talks will also be organised by the library to promote reading habits in the school.