Green Education

Our Mission :

To develop in all staff and students good habits for environmental protection and recognition of the sustainable development of our society and mankind through a whole school and interdisciplinary approach.


Our Promises :
The College promises to

  • advocate environmental education to enrich the knowledge and skills of the stakeholders for sustainable development and nurture a positive attitude to support sustainable development.
  • provide opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in activities that promote environmental protection.
  • encourage activities that reduce and promote zero carbon emissionn.
  • proactively promote educational activities that embrace the “5Rs” – recycle, reuse, reduce, replace and rethink.
  • renovate the campus in accordance with the principles of a green building.
  • maintain a clean environment at school and at homed.
  • encourage the use of environmentally friendly products and promote a low carbon lifestyle.
  • infuse the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development across the College’s formal and informal curriculum