Incorporated Management Committee

The Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) of the HKMA David Li Kwok Po College was set up in May in 2007. Composition of the IMC:

  • Chairman

    Mr. TIEN Michael Puk Sun, BBS JP
  • Sponsoring Body Manager

    Dr. FAN Cheuk Hung
    Mr. KOO Yee Yin Irving
    Dr. KWOK Shun Ying Miranda
    Mr. LEE Sunny Wai Kwong
    Dr. LEE Sze Kuen
  • Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager

    Ms. WOO Chi Kwan Titania
  • Independent Manager

    Ms. FAN Kit Fong
  • Teacher Manager

    Mr. WONG Kai Lok
  • Alternate Teacher Manager

    Ms. SIT Tsang Jenny
  • Parent Manager

    Ms. LAM Mei Yuk
  • Alternate Parent Manager

    Mr. CHAN Wai Hung
  • Principal

    Mr. Nicholas Puiu

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