Enrichment Programme

The objectives of the enrichment programme are:


  • To extend students' education and personal growth beyond academic courses.
  • To enable students to develop personal interests and explore and develop their potential in non-academic areas like sports.
  • To nurture students in developing their creativity, analytical abilities, critical thinking and skills in languages.
  • To further enhance the academic culture of the college.


Selected students will be enrolled in internal enrichment programmes organized by various departments. 


The Gifted Education Unit will also regularly inform parents and students of the latest external enrichment or gifted programmes offered by universities and relevant organisations. Moreover, selected students are invited by departments to take part in various competitions and enrichment programmes outside school.


We believe that through the enrichment programmes, students can identify their unique strengths and realise their fullest potential.


Self Photos / Files - 5_Students race their self-built hovercraft in a Hovercraft Racing Competition