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2019-04-17   S1 Henan Cultural and Sustainable Development Study Tour

A four-day study tour to Henan was organized for S1 students from April 14 to April 17, 2019. The tour aimed at broadening students’ horizons and enhancing their understanding about ancient Chinese civilization and culture.


During the trip, students visited the Yellow River and the Yellow River Museum to learn about the history of the river and the importance of water conservation. They also visited a number of historical sites and local attractions such as the Millennium City Park, the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Emperor Huangdi and the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao.


Apart from sightseeing, students got plenty of opportunities to experience Chinese culture. They sat in lessons at a local school, and had a lot of fun watching Wushu performance and learning Ba Duan Jin at a martial arts school. 


The tour was really an eye-opening experience for our students. It provided a meaningful context for them to consolidate and expand their historical knowledge, as well as to develop greater awareness towards environmental issues.


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