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2019-05-15   Inter-house Fun Game Competition

On May 15, the school hall echoed with laughter and cheers as students gathered to play fun, exciting games prepared by the student committee of the Green House and Yellow House. It was the College’s annual Inter-House Fun Game Competition. Representatives of respective houses competed against one another in two games, namely “Reverse Spelling Bee” and “Mini-game Relay”. Many S1 students also came during lunch time to support and cheer their housemates on. At last, the Yellow House (80 points) clinched the championship; whereas the first runner-up, second runner-up and third runner-up went to the Green House (70 points), Red House (63 points) and Blue House (38 points) respectively.


The activity served as a good platform for the student leaders to put into practice the various game-organizing skills that they had acquired from the Leadership Training Programme. It also provided an opportunity for students to take a short break from their study and have fun with their schoolmates.


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