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2019-12-16   School Picnic

The school picnic, one of the most joyful activities of the year, was successfully held on December 6 and January 3 respectively. Blessed with beautiful sunny weather, students and teachers set off to different destinations in the morning. While S1 students went to Tai Mei Tuk and Shek O, S3 and S5 students went to Tai Au Mun Country Park and Butterfly Beach respectively. As for S6, they took a day trip to Cheung Chau.


A BBQ workshop was held in the previous week to equip S1 students with the skills of setting up a barbecue fire, as this might be a first-time experience for many of them. Along with great food and beautiful greenery, students had a fun-filled day chatting with each other and taking part in class activities.


The picnic day not only offered teachers and students an opportunity to enjoy nature, but also to get to know more about each other and strengthen their bond. The day ended with sweet memories and expectations of next year’s picnic destinations. 


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