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2020-05-23   ‘Workshop: Unleash your Creativity at home (激發•在家創意•網上工作坊)’

Our S3 students participated in the “Unleash your Creativity at home” workshop organized by the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong on 23 May, 2020. The main aim of the activity is to develop students’ 4C’s skills (Creativity, Complex Problem-Solving skills, Communication and Collaboration skills) through a series of creativity-inspiring activities.


Due to the epidemic, the workshop was conducted via the online platform Zoom, with students taking part in group activities using the “breakout rooms” function. With the guiding prompts from tutors, the students worked closely together to come up with creative and logical solutions to different issues, for example, to create a story based on the pictures given, to make something new from existing objects, etc.


All the participating students found it a rewarding experience to take part in this intellectually stimulating workshop and to learn to “think out of the box”. They were inspired to apply and practise the creative thinking skills they had learnt to look for solutions to real-life problems, eventually making a difference to the world.


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