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2020-11-20   S.4 and S.5 Elderly Phone Call Visit

In collaboration with Mongkok Kai-fong Association Limited Chan Hing Social Service Centre, our Community Service Team arranged for S4 and S5 students to take part in an ‘Elderly Phone Call Visit’ activity on October 23 and November 20. The main aim of the activity is to nurture students’ care, empathy and respect for the elderly, and enhance their sense of accountability in their role as a citizen.


On the activity days, both local students and non-Chinese speaking students worked closely together in a team. Apart from showing care and concern for the elderly during the phone calls, they also learnt to listen with empathy, understanding and an open mind. 


It was a rewarding experience for the participating students. Not only did they have an opportunity to hone their communication skills, but they also experienced the real joy of helping others.


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