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2020-11-20   S6 Mock Interviews and Formal Dress Day

This was the ninth consecutive year for the English Department and the Careers Team to co-organize the annual Mock Interviews and Formal Dress Day for our S6 students. Students were required to come in formal attire to attend a mock job interview so as to put their skills into use outside the classroom.


Before the activity, S6 English teachers had equipped students with the skills in writing cover letters and compiling their CVs. They were also briefed on how to dress properly for the occasion and the dos and don’ts when attending interviews. On the day of the activity, our own teachers were transformed into the Human Resources Managers of various companies to conduct the interviews and choose the best candidate for the job in each group. A debriefing was given by the interviewers and English teachers afterwards to help students reflect on what they had learnt during the process. Students showed excellent preparation and they were eager to impress their potential employers!


It was a valuable opportunity for students to practise their interview skills and to learn from our experienced teachers who were so generous in offering their time to give feedback to our students. We believe that this experience would benefit our S6 students immensely in the future.


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