Extra Curricular Activities




The College believes that extra-curricular activities (ECA) can provide opportunities for each student to increase their creativity, develop their potential and serve the community. The College treats ECA as a complement to the academic discipline of the curriculum and believes they should provide a balance to the scholarly demand placed upon our students. The ECA team aims to challenge and extend students’ spirit of discovery, self-reliance and responsibility.


  • To help students acquire knowledge and skills that cannot be easily delivered in a classroom setting
  • To enrich our students’ social lives, enhance their communication skills and develop their leadership potential



  • To continue enhance students’ self-management
  • To promote healthy lifestyle through various activities
  • To instill students the awareness to be accountable for their roles in DLKP



  • As a leader
  • As a class member




1.Academic Clubs


  • Chinese Culture Club
  • English Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Science Club
  • French Club


2.Interest Groups


  • Home Economics Club
  • Chess Club
  • Chinese Debate Club
  • Hiking Club
  • Sky Teen Community Service Club
  • Reading Club
  • Campus TV
  • English Debate Club
  • Art Club
  • Japanese Club
  • Drama Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Upcycle Fun
  • Magic Club
  • Spanish Course
  • Japanese Course
  • Korean Course
  • Psychology Club
  • Table Games Society


3.Sports Groups


  • Dance Club
  • Archery & Yoga Group
  • Hockey Group
  • Orienteering Group
  • Badminton Group
  • Table Tennis Group


4.Music Groups


  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet and Horn
  • Euphonium and Tuba
  • Percussion


5.Uniform Groups





Ms Chu, Wing Man Elaine (Head)

Ms Sin, Ka Wai Clare (Assistant Head)

Ms Chan, Yuen Man YM

Mr Cheung Yu Hin Hino

Mr Lau Wing Kin Gary

Mr Siu Kam Kuen KK

Ms Tang, Ka Yan Juno

Mr Tsang, Chiu Tim Tim

Ms Tsui, Sin Yu Yuki

Mr Yau, Ka Ho Eric