Robotics club

The robotics club aims to motivate members to think more actively. During the meeting members are taught with programming skills, which can train them to think more logically.


Through commanding the mBot robots to complete some task through the program they create, members can develop their problem solving skills.

  • Mr. Leo Choi

Chairperson: WONG Kwok Cheun , Ankh (3T 37)

Vice Chairperson: KITHURU MOHAMED Ahamed Shafi (2P 14)

Treasurer : LUK Kai Hei, Reece  (1B 19)

Secretary :  WONG Tsz Ho, Josh (1B 25)

Committee members of Robotics club

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Teachers and members of Robotics club

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The member is trying out the mBot robots.

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Students are testing their program in a regular meeting.

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