English Debate

-To enhance students’ English speaking and speech writing skills

- To raise students’ confidence and self-esteem

- To enhance the ability to structure and organise thoughts

- To train students to think logically and critically

-To clarify one's personal and social values through confrontation with the value judgements of others

- To encourage a multi-perspective viewpoint of recent social issues

-To participate effectively in situations where decisions must be made

-Ms. Petunia Kingsley

-Mr. Kelvin Cheung

-Ms. Muriel Weng

-Ms. Nalini Fernandes

Chairperson: Or Wai Nam (S.5T)

Vice-chairperson: Ng Wing Him Thomas (S.5R)

Committee members:

Chan Hoi Man Marlene (S.5T)

Torsten Cheung(S.5T)

Ng Ka Chun Alan (S.524)

Balaji Samridhi (S.2P)

Bisht Ananya (S.2P)

Wong Ching Yat Dustin (S.2R)

Tayyab Noor (S.2R)

Pang Sum Yuet Sophie (S.2I)

Shek Zo Ya (S.3E)

Elbeshlawy Malak Ahmed Farouk (S.3T)

Championship in CityU Discovery & Innovation Debating Challenge

Self Photos / Files - The ECA Day held by our school

The ECA Day held by our school

Self Photos / Files - website_html_7bc11e13

Championship in HKSSDC round two

Self Photos / Files - Championship in HKSSDC (Junior form students)

Championship in HKSSDC (Junior form students)