Drama Club
  • To promote English through drama
  • To enhance students’ English proficiency
  • To enhance students’ interest in performing arts
  • To enhance students’ self-confidence, creativity and communication skills
  • To provide opportunities for students to show their talents in performing arts

Ms. Yuki Tsui

Ms. Candy Zhao

Chairperson: SINGH Karndeep 3E (32)

Vice Chairperson:  SINGH Jobanbir 4E (19)

Students will be able to develop a deeper understanding of drama through the exploration in theatre games such as acting out scenes, reading of drama scripts, group discussions and sometimes singing and dancing. Improvisation skills are also one of the focuses of the Club as it can improve students’ creative thinking skills.


Both Chinese and Non-Chinese students are welcome to join the drama festivals, public performances and also during assemblies and post-exam period, where they are able to express themselves through the performances. They are also offered the chance to participate in backstage with lighting, props, make up, sound effect and stage management. Drama Club is so much more than you think so don’t hesitate to join us!

Students can learn drama skills through interesting and engaging activities and experiencing team work in public events. Besides interpersonal and management skills, art appreciation ability can also be developed by engaging in various forms of drama performances.



Drama Club 2018-2019

 Self Photos / Files - drama club 2018-2019_2

Improvisation in the lesson

Self Photos / Files - drama club 2018-2019_3

Drama rehearsals

Self Photos / Files - drama club 2018-2019_4

Drama Performance during the post-exam period

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Joint-school Drama Competition (1)

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Joint-school Drama Competition (2)