Principal’s Words

Self Photos / Files - principalDear Parents,


I am excited to embark on my professional journey at HKMA David Li Kwok Po College as the Principal. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our College, a co-educational school where young people are educated in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual learning environment. 


 In David Li Kwok Po College, we believe in four core values – appreciation, respect, responsibility and perseverance. Our students learn to appreciate each other’s worth and uniqueness; and are encouraged to develop their potential to the fullest. They learn to respect cultural diversity and develop an international outlook through their interactions with non-Chinese speaking peers. Our students are always ready to shoulder their responsibility and pursue excellence with perseverance. I am proud to say David Li Kwok Po College is a place for grooming future leaders who are devoted to making contributions to our society and the world. 


Reaping the benefits of small class teaching and a differentiated curriculum, we have successfully tackled learner diversity in the Junior Forms.  For the Senior Forms we follow the HKDSE programme and implement a well-contrived curriculum emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills. To nurture a future-ready generation, our students are encouraged to become independent learners through self-directed learning, which is promoted at all levels via the use of self-access learning materials, flipped learning and diverse e-learning tools. 


We have a very dedicated and competent team of teachers who put relentless effort in advancing their pedagogical strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes in student learning. Our students consistently achieve satisfactory performance in HKDSE, with a sizeable number of examination subjects having superior passing and credit rates compared to Hong Kong norms.  They successfully gain places in universities or tertiary institutions, either locally or overseas. Our students have genuinely lived up to the school motto, “In search of excellence”.  


The College seeks to create opportunities for students to thrive. They are encouraged to participate in a wide array of extra-curricular activities and other pursuits offered by the College. Our student leaders strive for opportunities in organizing and leading various activities in order to provide a wonderful school life for their peers.


I believe competence, compassion and a moral character are integral to the future success of young people, especially when the world young people are living in is full of uncertainty and ambiguity. As the Principal at HKMA David Li Kwok Po College, one of my endeavours is to nurture students into competent and compassionate young adults through our comprehensive curriculum and personal development programmes emphasizing positive values and character strengths. I look forward to sharing with you the College’s educational beliefs when you visit us on one of our annual open days.  



Elisa Wong