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Dear parents,


Welcome to HKMA David Li Kwok Po College!


Established in 2000, we are a school that prides itself on providing a supportive and caring environment to nurture students to become employable and productive members of the community and citizens of an increasingly globalized world.  We also boast offering a school setting that identifies, develops and unleashes the talents lying dormant in each and every student. For more than 15 years, we have strived hard to develop our students into well-rounded, life-long learners who are bi-literate and trilingual, international in outlook, creative and proficient in information technology. 


We seek to create as many opportunities as possible to stimulate multi-cultural and multi-lingual interaction in the school.  Around 15 percent of our teaching staff are from international community and 20 percent of our students are from Hong Kong’s non-Chinese community.  We also take part in an international cultural exchange programme whereby students from around the world are invited to mingle and study with our students in an authentic English environment.  In both curricular and extra-curricular activities, our students learn to appreciate and respect cultural diversity, and to understand and explore issues from a global perspective.  


We have a very dedicated and competent team of teachers who put relentless effort towards instilling value-based education and creating an environment conducive to holistic development of students. Our school’s core values – appreciation, respect, responsibility and perseverance – are integral to every student’s learning experience.


We subscribe to research-based and modern instructional and pedagogical strategies in order to achieve the best possible outcomes in student learning.  Reaping the benefits of small class teaching and a differentiated curriculum, we have successfully tackled learner diversity in the Junior Forms.  For the Senior Forms we follow the DSE programme and implement a well-contrived curriculum emphasizing on the acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving and useful skills.  Self-directed learning, an important ingredient for success in today’s dynamic world, is promoted at all levels via the use of e-learning platforms and flipped classrooms.


Our teachers’ ever-refining teaching-learning methods are synergized with technology to facilitate student-centred learning. The school’s constant upgrading of technology infrastructure has enabled all classrooms to be equipped with a reliable, effective wifi system that allows our students to enjoy interactive learning with one-to-one mobile devices. 


Apart from exciting academic activities, our students are offered a rich and diverse extra-curricular programme of drama, music, visual arts, sports and many other pursuits, all designed to promote whole-person development.  We fashion a truly supportive atmosphere in which students are able to create, organize, lead and take part in various activities. 


We have struck the right balance between academic and non-academic achievements.  Academically, we have been able to deliver consistently satisfactory performance in DSE exams, with a sizeable number of examination subjects having superior passing and credit rates compared to Hong Kong norms.  An overwhelming majority of our graduates are able to gain places in universities or tertiary institutions, either locally or overseas.  At the same time, our students have scooped a number of awards in a variety of disciplines and in many non-academic domains, both locally and internationally.


As the Principal, I feel a real sense of privilege in having the opportunity to lead this unique school.  I am very much proud of our students’ confidence in using languages, their vibrant spirit of collaboration and their willingness to challenge themselves.  It is my deepest hope that they will be empowered by the process of schooling here to become innovative, productive, resilient and ethical adults. 


Please take some time to explore our school website.  We look forward to sharing with you your child's educational journey.  Do come and visit us on one of our annual open days.


Tracy Cheung