Guidance & Counseling



  • To enhance the whole-person development of our students
  • To help students develop a better understanding of themselves, build up self-confidence and enhance self-esteem, and develop positive values and attitudes which are useful in different stages of students’ development
  • To provide initial and front-line intervention in helping students cope with their problems






  • To strengthen students’ integrity, positive attitude and value towards life through various ways
  • To foster students’ understanding of healthy lifestyle for better personal growth
  • To promote class harmony and strengthen the bond to facilitate peer support and instill a sense of accountability in their role as a “class member 





S1 Orientation


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Peer Counseling Scheme


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Peer Counselor Training Camp


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S4 Training Camp


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Panda Radio broadcast


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Sex education Program


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Cheer-up program for S.6


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 Talks and workshops


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Ms Lam, Wing Sau Kellie (Head)

Ms Lee, Mei Wai Jeannie (Assistant Head)

Mr Chan, Ho Yung Roger

Ms Chum, Ka Yan Deborah

Ms Lee, Jo Yee Jojo

Dr. Lo, Wai Lok

Mr Ma, Chor Keung Kelvin

Ms Man, Yin Lam Mandy

Mr Fong, Tsz Hong (Social Worker)

Ms Wong, Yung Joanne (Social Worker)

Ms Ng, Yim Fun Chris (Counselor)





學生 (For students)

壓力管理 Stress Management

1. 舒緩壓力的方法

2. 如何管理壓力

3. 「我」唔開心,可以點做?

4. The effective ways to cope with stress


健康生活 Healthy Lifestyle


2.世界衛生組織 – 健康生活

3.Healthy lifestyle: 5 keys to a longer life

4.12 steps to healthy eating


正直 Integrity

1.Leadership character: The role of integrity


同理心 Empathy

1.How to be more empathetic?

2.同理心的重要性 The importance of empathy


復課支援 Back to School


2.Let’s be grateful and fight COVID-19 together (for Secondary Schools)



家長 (For Parents)

情緒管理 Managing Emotions

1.培養子女的情緒智能 / How to develop the EQ of your child




與子女溝通 Communication with your child



3.Teenagers and communication

4.How using social media affects teenagers


停課支援 Support during School Suspension

1.疫流停課.不停「愛」- 家長篇(四):處理青少年子女情緒的實戰技巧


3.抗疫心理資訊 / Psychoeducational information amidst the pandemic

4.Tips to help keep you motivated during COVID-19




You are always welcomed to send us an email ([email protected]) to share your experience and concern about teenagers’ personal growth.