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2019-08-21   S1 Orientation Day

To help the newcomers adapt to the new school environment, the Guidance and Counselling Team organized an Orientation Day for all S1 students on 21 August. Students had a chance to get acquainted with each other, meet with their class teachers and find their ways around the school campus.


After a series of ice-breaking and team-building games, each class gathered together to design their own slogan and class flag which reflected the spirit of the class. Students were exceptionally energetic when they came together and proudly chanted the slogan as a class.


In the afternoon, students split into small groups for a school orienteering activity. They had to run around the campus and complete tasks together as a small group, such as dancing or solving puzzles. In the end, Miracle from 1M won the overall champion!


It was indeed a joyful and fun day before school starts in September! We hope our S1 students will have a fruitful and enjoyable school life at the College.


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