Reading Club
  • To promote a reading habit on the school campus;
  • To allow members to become better readers by developing better reading skills;
  • To expose students to variety of literary work and develop a habit of reading extensively by going to different book stores
  • Cultivate better reading habit

Ms. Kay Wong

Ms. Josephine Chong     


Chairperson: Angus Ng 3H

Vice Chairperson: Kelvin Lau 3H

Secretary: Kinson Cheung 3H

Treasurer: Jack Chan 3H

IT: Kristen Cheung 1E

  • We visit different bookstores to boarden our reading world.
  • We recommend different kinds of books to our club members.

Self Photos / Files - Photo 1

Our first ECA meeting in Year 2018-2019.

  1. Every year, we visit a book café called Kubrick in Yau Ma Tei. You may have a cup of tea or a piece of cake while enjoying your reading time there.
  2. Last Year, we set up a game booth at World 2018 World Book Day Fest - “Towards a Reading City”.

Self Photos / Files - Photo 2


 Visit to Kubrick Book Café in Year 2018-2019.
Self Photos / Files - Photo 3


2018 World Book Day Fest- “Towards a Reading City” Game Booth Activity.