Dance Club
  • To introduce different dance styles that students may not have seen before
  • To showcase students’ dancing abilities
  • To allow students to catch a glimpse of different dance forms
  • To help build confidence and creativity by giving students opportunities to choreograph
  • To perform on special school events such as Open Days and Cultural Day
  • To participate in external competitions and represent the school
  • To encourage students from other nationalities to learn different types of dances
  • Mr. Carl Carabio


  • Geetika Sachanandani (5F22)
  • Jeenat Walia (5T25)


  •  Ishika Kaur (5R16)
  •  Safa Ilyas (4E08)


  •   Pia Magramo (5T16)


  •  Diviyanti Caslay (5F01)
  • We have been performing on Open Days for the past nine years and the Multicultural day for the past ten years. Our crew received the Commendable Award in the 52nd Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival, and again in the 54th Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival. We have been endeavoring over these past years to make our dance performances an enthralling crowd-puller! We hope to do the same in the future.


  • We also encourage students to perform other cultural dances (e.g. Indian dance ). As our school prides itself for its multicultural background, we want students to know and appreciate each other’s culture.
  • Another special feature of Dance Club is that our ECA Team not only allows students to learn to dance but also helps showcase their talent and entertain an audience on special occasions like the Open Days and the Multicultural Day. 
  • Not only do we focus on showcasing unique dance moves and learn new choreographies, but we also focus on building basic dance skills and improving flexibility to make our members even better dancers!

Self Photos / Files - ECA promotion day

Self Photos / Files - open days performance

Self Photos / Files - dance club post-performance 2

Self Photos / Files - Indian dance w exchange student