Chess Club

-To introduce and promote Chinese chess, international chess, board games, as well as role-play games;

-To promote friendship.

Ms. Mandy Man
Ms. Priscilla Wu

Chairperson         LEUNG Pak Hei                    5P 04

Vice-Chairperson    MAHMOOD Saad Ramzan   5A 15

Vice-Chairperson    SINGH Mandeep                   5A 20

Secretary               CHIU Lok Yee                       5P 11      

Treasurer                  PARK Jungwon                      5A 17     

Secretary                 KU King Sze                          3E 11

Secretary                 CHENG Ngo Fan Matthan    5F 04      



Members play Chinese Chess in different ways. Playing Chinese Chess does not only require active participation, but it also makes us think before each move, thus adding fun and excitement to the game. We also make playing Chinese chess more entertaining by making a human version of chess, which allows more members to take part in this two-man game.


Self Photos / Files - Chess Club 5

Self Photos / Files - Chess Club 6


Besides promoting Chinese Chess, the Chess Club also organized the UNO Challenge for students and teachers to join last year.

Self Photos / Files - Chess Club 2

Self Photos / Files - Chess Club 1 


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