Campus TV and Photography Club

Campus TV Team was established to provide support to the College. We keep video records of most of the official functions, activities and services held by the College, give audio-visual assistance to the College whenever necessary, and serve as a means of communication between the College and the students.


It is believed that student members taking part in the process of video production can develop creativity, planning skills and logical thinking. We hope student members of Campus TV can learn the operation of equipment, and more importantly, develop a sense of belonging to the College, commitment and leadership.


Another mission is the promotion of video as an art form to all students. With the establishment of Campus TV, students can experience the flow of video production (planning, filming, editing and broadcasting), so that they can come to appreciate video as a means of self-expression.


Last but not least, through regular broadcasting of various types of programs, Campus TV helps students to build up their sense of belonging to the College and at the same time, arouse their awareness of current issues.

  • Ms. Kellie Lam
  • Mr. John Ching
  • Mr. Martin Wong
  • Li Man Lock (5F)
  • Chan Lok Hei (5F)
  • Tam Lok Yee Christy (5F)
  • Tajudeen Tasfeeha (3E)
  • Lam Ho Yuk (3E)       
  • Khan Suhanna (3E)
  • Kithuru Mohamed Ahamed Shafi (2P)
  • So Yan Ping (1E)
  • Brar Komal (1E)

Campus TV has been producing different types of programs for students since its inception. For instance, live broadcasts of Friday Morning Assemblies and Friday Afternoon Activities; programs that review school activities, promotional videos for departmental and functional team activities, Inter-house Video Production Competition, School Picnic Photography Competition, School Promotion Video, etc.

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