Art Club
  • To enrich aesthetic sense
  • To develop art-making ability
  • To acquire a foundation for pursuing education and career opportunities in creative industries
  • To enrich students’ interest in art
  •  To nurture the creativity of students
  • Ms. Jenny Lai
  • Ms. Clare Sin

Chairperson: Limbu Susan (S.5F)

Vice-chairperson: Bernal Mayelle Andrea J (S.5R)

Damulo Elizabeth Gianna Laurel (S.5T)

Noveno Natania Charisse (S.5F)

Hui Lorraine (S.5T)

Lee Hoi Ying, Candice (S.4W)

BADAJOS Julianna Jemima (S.4M)

Tie Dye Bag

Self Photos / Files - (photo 1) Tie Dye Activity

ECA Week

Self Photos / Files - (Photo 3) ECA Week

Decoupage Pencil Case

Self Photos / Files - (Photo 5) Decoupage Pencil Case

Bead Keychain

Self Photos / Files - (Photo 7) Bead Keychain

Self Photos / Files - (Photo 9) Bead Keychain



1. The Hong Kong Museum of Art

2. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum

3. Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre