Student Council

Student Council

The aims of Student Council are:


1.       To develop a sense of belonging and a good practice of citizenship in students through the involvement and the organization of activities;

2.       To reflect the opinions of our schoolmates to the school and enhance the relationship between teachers and students;

3.       To strive for the welfare of our schoolmates;

4.       To hold diversified internal school activities and encourage our schoolmates to participate;

5.       To encourage our schoolmates to show concern about others in society;

6.       To enhance friendship among schoolmates;

7.       To act as role models to the students of the school;

8.       To broaden the students horizons through joint school activities.



Teacher Advisors:

Ms Sue Yu

Mrs Sheena Jolly


The 11th Student Council Executive Committee –Clover

  • President - Akirti Ghimire (5W12)
  • Internal Vice-president - SANDHU Anmol Singh (5W23)
  • External Vice-president - Wanika Chung (5L11)
  • Secretary - SINGH Gurpreet (5W24)
  • Treasurer - Win Zhan (5L23)
  • Academic Officer - KAUR Neha (3C19)
  • Welfare Officer - Tong Tjiu (4S20)
  • Recreational Officer - Victoria Chan (4S01)
  • Publicity Officer - Ian Tai (3H26)


Activities and Programs:

  • Annual General Meeting and Election (September)
  • Student Council Inauguration Ceremony (October)
  • Leadership Training Program (October)
  • Halloween Activities (November)
  • Christmas Talent Quest (December)
  • Red Packets of Love (January or February)
  • Academic Cup (April or May)
  • Easter Activities (April)
  • Summer Fiesta (July)
  • School Senior Form Promenade (July)
  • Stationery Selling (whole year, before major assessments)
  • Bi-monthly SC Consultation Forums (whole year)
  • And other proposed fun activities by the cabinet


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