Extra Curricular Activities




The College believes that extra-curricular activities (ECA) can provide opportunities for each student to increase their creativity, develop their potential and serve the community. The College treats ECA as a complement to the academic discipline of the curriculum and believes they should provide a balance to the scholarly demand placed upon our students. The ECA team aims to challenge and extend students’ spirit of discovery, self-reliance and responsibility. 


  • to provide opportunities for each student to excel in the following three areas: creativity, action and service.
  • to complement the academic discipline of the curriculum and to provide a balance to the scholarly demands placed upon the student.
  • to challenge and extend each individual’s spirit, self-discovery, self-reliance and sense of responsibility.
  • to encourage the development of the student’s individual skills and interests.




1. To promote students’ mental well-being

2. To enhance students’ social well-being

3. Enable students to utilize their character strength and apply a growth mindset in their learning and personal growth


C.ECAs in Special Holiday (2022 Easter)


With the summer break brought forward to March and April due to the pandemic, the College organized various ECAs via virtual platforms for students to engage in and have fun during this “special vacation”. A wide range of interest classes were on offer for students to choose from, including Japanese Course, Magic Fun, iPad Drawing Workshop (Sketchbook), Leather Keychain Case Workshop, Basic Makeup Course, 日VLOG夜VLOG, Knowing Yourself and Board Game Together. The response to these classes was overwhelming, and everyone had a great time.


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D. Type of suggested ECA in 2022-2023 (To be confirmed by enrollment)


1. Academic Clubs

Chinese Culture Club

English Club

Mathematics Club

Science Club

French Club


2. Interest Groups

Home Economics Club 

Chess Club

Hiking Club

Sky Teen Community Service Club

Reading Club

Campus TV

Art Club

Japanese Club

Drama Club

Magic Club

Spanish Course

Japanese Course

Korean Course

Board Game Club

Coding Group

3D Modeling Group


3. Sports Groups

Dance Club

Archery & Yoga Group

Running Club

Orienteering Group

Rackets Group


4. Music Groups




Trumpet and Horn

Euphonium and Tuba




5. Uniform Groups

Hong Kong Red Cross

Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps


E. Members


Ms Chu, Wing Man Elaine (Head)

Ms Sin, Ka Wai Clare (Assistant Head)

Mr Cheung, Yu Hin Hino

Mr Li, Wai Shing  

Ms On, Yan Yi Fion

Mr Shum, Matthew

Mr Siu, Kam Kuen KK  

Ms Tang, Ka Yan Juno

Mr Yau, Ka Ho Eric