Table Game Society
  • To introduce and promote different kinds of board games
  • To have a great time and enjoy board game culture
  • To create good communication environment between classmates . We play different kinds of board games, such as Imagine, Compactability,Gift Trap...And we visit the board game shops to see if any new board games have arrived and we can play together in the club. It is an interesting and meaningful club.
  • Mr. Kenneth Lo
  • Ms. Jojo Lee
  • Chairperson: Tang Hoi Ying (4E 22)
  • Vice-chairperson: Ku Hilary (4P 10)
  • Treasurer: Mo Keyi (3H 22)
  • Secretary: Tang Ting Yan(3C 26)

Greeting each other in the first meeting  

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Students playing Compactability

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